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Airlines Helpdesk
Airline toll free numbers
Active Aero 800-872-5387
Aer Lingus 800-223-6537
Aero California 800-237-6225
Aeroflot 888-340-6400
Aerolineas Argentinas 800-333-0276
Aeromexico 800-237-6639
Aeropostal 888-912-8466
Air Aruba 800-882-7822
Air Aurora 800-443-0478
Air Botswana 800-518-7781
Air Caledonia 800-677-4277
Air Canada 888-247-2262
Air China 800-982-8802
Air Europa 888-238-7672
Air Fiji 877-air-fiji
Air France 800-237-2747
Air India 800-223-7776
Air Jamaica 800-523-5585
Air Madagascar 800-821-3388
Air Malta 800-756-2582
Air Mauritius 800-537-1182
Air Namibia 800-626-4242
Air New Zealand 800-262-1234
Air North Airlines 800-764-0407
Air Pacific 800-227-4446
Air Portugal 800-221-7370
Air Sahara 877-572-4272
Air Sunshine 800-327-8900
Air Tahiti Nui 877-824-4846
Air Transat 800-388-5836
Air Vanuatu 800-677-4277
Air Vegas 800-255-7474
Air Zimbabwe 800-742-3006
Alaska Airlines 800-426-0333
Alitalia 800-223-5730
All Nippon Airways 800-235-9262
Allegiant Air 888-594-6937
Aloha Air 800-367-5250
Ambassadair 800-225-9919
America West Airlines 800-235-9292
American Airlines 800-433-7300
American Trans Air 800-225-2995
Amerijet International Inc. 800-927-6059
Arizona Express Airlines 866-435-9872
Asiana Airlines 800-227-4262
Atkin Air 800-924-2471
Atlantic Airlines 800-879-0000
Atlas Air 800-462-2012
Austrian Airlines 800-843-0002
AviaCSA 888-528-4227
Avianca 800-284-2622
Avioimpex - Interimpex 800-713-2622
Bahamas Air 800-222-4262
Balair/CTA 800-322-5247
Baltic Intl Airlines 800-548-8181
Bangkok Airways 866-226-4565
Bemidji Airlines 800-332-7133
Big Sky Airlines 800-237-7788
British Airways 800-247-9297
British Midland 800-788-0555
BWIA International 800-538-2942
CanJet Airlines 800-809-7777
Cape Air 800-352-0714
Caribbean Star Airlines 866-864-6272
Cathay Pacific Airways 800-233-2742
Cayman Airways 800-441-3003
Century Airlines 800-541-0410
Chalk's Ocean Airways 800-4-CHALKS
China Airlines 800-227-5118
China Eastern Airlines 800-200-5118
China Southern 888-338-8988
Colgan Air 800-428-4322
Comair 800-354-9822
Condor 800-524-6975
Continental Airlines 800-525-0280
Copa Airlines 800-359-2672
Corporate Express Airlines 800-661-8151
Corsair 800-677-0720
Croatia Airlines 888-462-7628
Cyprus Airways  
Czech Airlines (east coast) 800-223-2365
Czech Airlines (west,mw) 800-628-6107
Delta Air Lines 800-221-1212
Dragon Air 800-842-9911
Dutch Caribbean Airlines 800-327-7230
East Coast Flight Services 800-554-0550
Egyptair 800-334-6787
El Al Israel Airlines 800-223-6700
Emery Worldwide 800-367-3592
Emirates Air 800-777-3999
Ethiopian Airlines 800-445-2733
Estonian Air 800-397-1354
EVA Airways 800-695-1188
Evergreen International 800-345-5556
Fine Airlines 800-923-9222
Finnair 800-950-5000
First Air 800-267-1247
Florida Coastal Airlines 888-435-9322
Frontier Airlines 800-432-1359
Garuda Indonesia 800-342-7832
Ghana Airways 800-404-4262
Grand Aire Express 800-70-GRAND
Great Lakes Airlines 800-554-5111
Great Plains Airlines 866-929-8646
Gulf Air 888-359-4853
Gulfstream Intl Airlines 800-992-8532
Hawaiian Airlines 800-367-5320
Hooters Air 888-359-4668
Horizon Air 800-547-9308
Iberia 800-772-4642
Icelandair 800-223-5500
Independence Air 800-359-3594
Interstate Jet 877-359-4538
Island Air 800-323-3345
Japan Airlines 800-525-3663
Jet Airways (India) 866-835-9538
JetBlue Airways 800-538-2583
Jet Express 800-806-8833
JetsGo Airlines 866-440-0441
Kenmore Air 800-543-9595
Kenya Airways 866-536-9224
KLM 800-374-7747
Korean Air 800-438-5000
Kuwait Airways 800-458-9248
Lacsa Costa Rica 800-225-2272
LanChile Airlines 800-735-5526
Lauda Airlines 800-588-8399
Leading Edge Air Logistics 800-552-5323
Lithuanian Airlines 877-454-8482
Lloyd Aereo Boliviano 800-327-3098
LOT Polish Airlines 212-789-0970
LTU International 866-266-5588
Lufthansa 800-645-3880
Lynx Air International 888-LYNX-AIR
Malaysia Airlines 800-552-9264
Malev Hungarian 800-223-6884
Martinair Holland 800-627-8462
Mesa Airlines 800-637-2247
Mesaba Airlines 800-225-2525
Mexicana 800-531-7921
Midway Airlines 800-446-4392
Midwest Airlines 800-452-2022
Miles Above 800-469-6453
Mongolian Airlines 800-642-8768
Nantucket Airlines 800-635-8787
Nature Air 800-235-9272
New England Airlines 800-243-2460
North Vancouver Air 800-228-6608
Northwest Airlines 800-225-2525
Olympic Airways 800-223-1226
Pacific Coastal Airlines 800-663-2872
Pakistan Intl Airline 800-221-2552
Pan Am 800-359-7262
Penair 800-448-4226
Philippine Airlines 800-435-9725
Polynesian Airlines 800-644-7659
Qantas Airways 800-227-4500
Rover Airways Intl 800-828-4668
Royal Air Maroc 800-344-6726
Royal Jordanian Airlines 800-223-0470
Royal Nepal 800-266-3725
Royal Tongan Airlines 800-486-6426
Ryan International Airlines 800-727-0457
SAS Scandinavian Airlines 800-221-2350
Saudia Arabian Airlines 800-472-8342
Scenic Airlines 800-634-6801
Shuttle America 888-999-3273
Singapore Airlines


Why choose us?
You know your travel needs, we know your travel needs too. Our motive is to make your travel plans easy and cost effective! We have deals with all the airlines and many consolidators and using our resources we make sure we provide you the cheapest tickets. Our Sales experts are well trained and qualified to make sure they provide you all the information regarding the fare type and class type so that our passengers are aware of all the rules, terms and conditions which will even help if there are any post booking modifications required. 

Your travel is a priority for us and so we are available 24*7 365 days to serve you the best, fast and easy! 

We are available 24*7 365 days at  +1 (866) 612 3899 to provide the best solution to your queries. Call us for any flight bookings and post booking services like flight changes or Flight cancellations and more. 

Unaccompanied Minor
Most airlines allow unaccompanied minors of a certain age group to travel alone with some ruls and regulations. Contact the airlines directly or call our experts to enquire about the rules and regulations related to Unaccompanied Minor’s travel. 
It is advised not to book a minor on the website as an adult , call our experts to ensure safe and comfortable travel for your child.
Rules and Regulations may vary per airline:
Children between 5-17 years may travel accompanied. Age limit vary per airline
Unaccompanied minors can travel only on direct and nonstop flights
A UMNR may not travel on the last flight of the day to ensure safety
Unaccompanied minor fees vary per airlines
Parents/ guardians written consent, child’s birth certificate or passport,identification documentation and parent’s personal information is required at the airport.
Never wait for the last moment to notify the child is travelling alone . Make sure to complete all the documentation with the airlines atleast 24 hours before the departure. 
Standby reservations are not allowed for unaccompanied minor travel.
Contact the airline to verify and enquire the rules and fees for an Unaccompanied minor.

How do I assign seats or upgrade my seats?
Most airlines allow pre assignment of seats at the time of booking or before the departure. When you book you reservation , yyou place a request for seat assignment and mention your seat preference to the agent over the phone. The seats are subject to availability.
We will pass your seat request but can not guarantee as it completely depend on the airlines.
Some airlines charge for the pre assignment of seats. You can enquire the seat assignment costs with the expert over the phone.
Some airlines do not open the seats for pre assignment until the time of check-in.
A travel agency can not assign bullhead or exit row seating as it is under airline control and are chargeable.

How do I book an infant’s ticket?’
An infant is a child below 2 years of age. For all domestic travel i.e travel within United States an infant can travel without any charges as long as they are travelling on an adult’s lap who is at least 18 years of age. Infant travelling International with an adult  will be required to pay Infant fare . Only one infant per adult is allowed. 
Call to purchase infant ticket.

How do I make changes to the reservation?
Call our customer service expert at ______ to make flight changes, modifications,date change or itinerary change. We are available 24*7 to help you with the services.
Changes are made according to the airlines fare rules and involve a change fee starting from $ 100( change fee vary per airline)+ fare difference + taxes and fees. 
Changes are done if the airlines fare rules permit changes and rebooking. If you have purchased a restricted fare tickets, there may be strict restrictions on changes and cancellations.
Name changes can not be made
The airlines can not be changed
Changes should be made at least 4 hours before the flight departure.
Changes are subject to availability
Some airlines or tickets may not permit changes at all
Our fees will be applied to make changes on your behalf
Some airlines may not permit re routing and have other fare rules attached which may need to be adhered to such as seasonality, advance purchase and more.

Can I change the name on the ticket?
The name on the ticket should match the passport or the government issued photo id you are carrying with you to the airport to check –in. iot should be the exact same spelling. Once the tickets are issued it is impossible to change or correct the name. the tickets are nontransferable. Due to security rules airlines do not permit name changes at any cost. Some airline may correct the spelling  if it one or two letters , however changes are impossible. The airlines may charge some fees for the correction,
Call ________ to speak to our customer service expert for name correction. 

What if my flight schedule changes?
Sometimes due to unforeseen conditions like weather, technical fault, air traffic airline may need to make changes to the flight schedule, times, duration, flight number or equipment. Most of the changes are minor and make a slight change like flight number change, equipment change or slight changes in flight arrival or departure times. Sometime changes can be severe and may result in changes to the departure or arrival city or airport , change in date of travel or delay for more than 4 hours.
If the schedule change is major and is not acceptable, call us ______  or the airline directly to find an alternate flight option or refund. 
We will make an effort to notify you about the schedule change . Schedule changes can occur any time and that is why we advise you to call us or the airline directly at least 24-48 hours prior to the flight to confirm the flight timings. 

Can I book my pet travel ticket?
We know your pet is a family for you and how important it is for you to take your pet along!
We advise you to call the airline directly to check on the rules and regulations relating to the pets size, weight, breed, destination restrictions and more. 
There is a fees for pet travel, the pet may be travelled in cabin or as a checked bag depending on the respective airlines policy. 
There is a limitation on the number of pets that can be carried and is served on first-come basis. Make sure to add your pet at the time of booking or atleast 48-72 hours prior to the departure.
Before booking the pet always enquire on the weight and size restrictions and the carrier information.
There may be restrictions on the breed opf dog by the airline or the destination travelling to.
Call _____ to book your pet travel

How many bags are allowed
Each airline has a different set of rules for baggage allowance and the baggage fees.
Some airlines that offer restricted basic economy fares have different policy for basic economy and economy travelers.
Baggage allowance varies on airlines , class of service or cabin and fare type booked.
If you are travelling on multiple airlines , you need  to enquire if the airlines have a ticketing agreement ad a baggage agreement. 
The baggage policy also depends on domestic travel or International flight or may be different for different destinations.
Some airlines may even charge for a carry on bag
Please contact the airlines for detailed information on baggage allowance, restrictions and prohibited items and fees
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Can I upgrade my flight ticket
Yes you can upgrade your flight ticket to a higher class . call _______ to enquire about the upgrades. The upgrade may involve some fees and charges depending on the airlines rule and upgrades are subject to availability.
You can upgrade from Economy to premium economy, economy to business class, upgrade to first class and more.

Is there a cancellation fees?
Flight ticket changes and cancellations depend on the respective airlines policies and fare rules.
Most Airline tickets are non refundable. Some airlines allow a cancellation period of 24 hours if the travel is not within 7 days, from the time you book the reservation to void and get a full refund. In other cases the airlines may hold a credit for future use. You can rebook within a specific period of time which may involve change fees, fare difference, taxes and fees. 
Call ______ to cancel a ticket or for enquiry.